Thursday, 30 April 2009

Feiyr Scam

A few friends who own labels have told me they use a company called for distribution and it was ok, however recently I've been hearing a lot of stories about them scamming people.

An online friend told me they shut his account down for no reason and basically stole thousands of euros worth of royalties for his music - Not only this but they are giving the rights to his music to compilation CD companies without his consent.

I have never used them personally but the stories I hear are similar and the people I hear them from have no reason to lie.

Looking for distribution or to set up your own label?

I suggest you avoid guys.


  1. yep these guys are deffinately scammers

  2. avoid!!!!!
    these guys suck ass!
    they are total scammer they are trying to charge me 50 euros to reset my account password after their system update
    what a bunch of scammers!
    try AWAL instead they are awesome!